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Season Finale: Finish the Paperwork : Leegality's Push Towards Digital India and Making Legal Paperwork and Documentation Paperless

Founder and CEO, Transfin.
Feb 28, 2020 6:29 AM 1 min read


In our season finale, we catch up with Shivam Singla, Founder of Leegality - an eSign, eStamping, and document workflow platform. Shivam is a lawyer by training graduating from the National Law School of India University in 2016. 


He straight up got bit by the entrepreneurship bug, kicking off Leegality for helping businesses "digitize and optimize documentation workflows, enabling them to execute and manage 'paperwork' 100x better - without paper". 


Describing Leegality as "we are to agreements what email has been to postcards", Shivam gives a fascinating account of his company's business model, product, and differentiation. 


He is a passionate proponent of the role of digitization in our lives and has chosen a domain often seen as most resistant to any change i.e. Legal paperwork! 


Enough said, now listen :)


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