We at TRANSFIN. hope to create an enriching and interactive platform for our contributing writers, encouraging them to write on what they are passionate about, while maintaining a high threshold of quality for our sophisticated and enquiring readers. It is not an easy balance to keep. Therefore, we need to impose a few article submission guidelines, as explained in this Editorial Charter.


This Charter enlists parameters and tips that writers should adhere to in their article submissions. You can of course start writing as soon as you Login, but to ensure that each article on TRANSFIN. is of a certain standard and is thematically relevant to our editorial perspective, we only accept submissions which comply with our Charter’s requirements. Once we see that your article ticks most of these boxes, our Editorial team will be happy to help you make them even more kick-ass!


TRANSFIN. Editorial Charter


Who can contribute?


We encourage contributions from everyone. There’s no formal qualifying criteria. We realise that if you write on a topic close to your professional expertise the credibility comes on its own. Therefore, we advise you to connect your LinkedIn account to your TRANSFIN. profile so we can understand your background a bit better.


Transfin. Editorial Charter


That being said, we’re confident that the sheer power of interest can also result in a great submission. Hence, articles not particularly close to your professional profile are also most welcome!


Your submission, however, must be exclusive to TRANSFIN. - that is, never published anywhere else before.


What can you write about?


Your topic should broadly be within one of our three thematic buckets - Business, Economy, and People. These verticals include many sub-categories, some of which are listed below:


Business: Finance, Stocks, Investing, Startups, Trading, Management, Taxes, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Industry, Fintech, Media


Economy: Markets, Trade, Policy, Macro, World, Budget, Industry, Healthcare, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Auto, Welfare, Financial Institutions


People: Science, Health, Digital, Lifestyle, AI, Technology, Privacy, Sports, Culture, Fitness, Food, Reviews, Consumer Interest


Ask yourself - will your article answer any business, financial or consumer-oriented question?


Consider browsing through our website to get a sense of themes that have been touched. A precedent always helps.


Lastly, you're always welcome to reach out at to confirm your topic before you start to write.


Content Flow = Holy Grail


Your submission must be enticing to the reader. Give a compelling title and introduce your premise early. The highlight of your article will be the opening one or two paragraphs. These should be able to communicate the key message and hold the reader’s attention for the next three minutes. Tell them why your article matters!


Break your article into thematic paragraphs or sub-sections to better organise your writing. Give witty headings and sub-headings to these sections. Have seamless transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Each segment should connect to the previous one. Before writing your article, draw your article’s outline so that you convey your argument in a categorical and systemic fashion.


Transfin. Editorial Charter


We publish either Op-Eds (example) where you are required to give opinionated arguments or Explanatory (example) articles where you explain and contextualise an issue, deep-diving into it in a way that’s comprehensible to the general reader.


Readers should be able to complete the read ideally in one go, so write a long article only if you can keep them hooked. Keeping the short attention span of readers in mind, we suggest that you limit yourself to 600-700 words and use a longer format only if necessary (max. 1500 words). At the same time, make sure that your article is at least 400-500 words long.


What's okay


  • Try to make arguments grounded in technical analysis and rationality
  • The article should critically engage with the topic, provoking the reader to agree, disagree or argue
  • Enhance visual appeal via images. Incorporate relevant data via charts and graphs
  • Add links to URLs of relevant online references in the body of the article where applicable. We give you an option to cite your references separately before submission as well
  • Proofread your article fifty times before submitting. You should know that our Editorial team is filled with grammar Nazis!


Transfin. Editorial Charter


What's not okay


  • No need to confront any political or communal issue. If anything offensive is submitted, we will reject the submission and block the user's account
  • Try to focus on topics with a Nation-wide or International dimension. Local issues (i.e. State, provincial) should be avoided
  • We don’t publish (yet) in any language except English
  • Don’t bring too many issues under one umbrella as rambling is cringed upon
  • Redistributing previously published content is not acceptable, not even if it is a Facebook post or Blog post
  • No unsolicited promotional content is permitted. Check the Advertise section of TRANSFIN. if you wish to Advertise with us    
  • If you plagiarise we will know, so don’t
  • Avoid using technical jargon. Keep it simple, keep it sassy


Transfin. Editorial Charter


Our editorial team is the ultimate arbiter over what will be published.


Login and click on the Start Writing Icon (i.e. the pen on the top right of your screen) to start writing. Or click Submit Article on the bottom banner.


In you like things old school (e-mail is as old school as it can get), you can send us your submission at A member of our team will promptly revert.