How Much Do You Know About The Airtel-Jio Telecom Rivalry?

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Jun 10, 2020 7:07 AM 5 min play

It's an epic clash of the titans. A tryst between a former undisputed leader and a recent relentless disruptor. And it is quickly becoming the defining feature of India's massive telecommunication industry.

The rivalry between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel is not recent news - it began back in 2016 when Jio entered the scene with its dirt-cheap data rates and forced Airtel (and other telcos) to cut their own rates, leading to heavy losses and mounting debt. Soon, Jio became the industry leader in terms of total subscribers - a key telecom metric. Analysts expected a Jio-dominated industry to be in the offing: Airtel, even if it was to recover, would take several months to stage a veritable comeback, it was predicted.

The past few weeks have dispelled that notion. Airtel has managed an impressive comeback already. Its promoter company has gone debt free, its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is now more than Jio's, and its 2020 stock performance is far better than any other company listed on Sensex. Obviously, the fight is not over - far from it, it would seem!

So we thought - why not have a Quiz Knock specifically on the Airtel-Jio feud? Especially after the Quiz we already did on the telecommunication industry as a whole, this specific, thematic questionnaire seems well-timed.

So without much further adieu, here's this week's Quiz Knock for you:

  1. Let's begin with a simple and generic question. Where are Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio headquartered, respectively?
  2. Jio Platforms, Jio's parent company, has been on a capital-raising spree of late. In recent weeks, it has announced stake sales to various companies including Facebook, KKR, Vista Equity Partners, Silver Lake Partners etc. The rest, of course, belongs to Reliance Industries. By comparison, Bharti Airtel's stake distribution has Bharti Telecom as the largest shareholder while the remaining is owned by a Singaporean company named:
  3. Bharti Airtel's promoter company _______ recently announced that it was debt-free after the sale of 152m shares (from its stake in Bharti Airtel) for about ₹8,500cr ($1.12bn) in a block deal.
  4. Which of these is the most accurate definition of "Churn", a term often used in the telecom industry?
  5. As of Q4/FY20, which telco boasts the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)?
  6. Bharti Airtel: ₹25,000cr ($3.3bn); RIL: ₹53,125cr ($7bn). What do these numbers refer to?
  7. Hathway, DEN Networks, Radisys, Haptik. Identify the parent company of these entities.
  8. As per the last reported quarter, which of the following is true in terms of mobile subscriber numbers?
  9. X is one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. It is a joint venture between Airtel and two other telcos from Malaysia and Japan. Identify X.
  10. The company (whose name is hidden by the yellow box) happens to be the top performer on Sensex so far in 2020. Which company is it?
    How Much Do You Know About The Airtel-Jio Telecom Rivalry?


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