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Rundown of RBI's Covid-19 Regulatory Package, Relief Measures from FM, and More

Founder and CEO, Transfin.
Apr 6, 2020 2:09 PM 1 min read

The past couple of weeks have felt like a decade. There's so much going on in the world and in the country right now that we really couldn't help but record another In Between Seasons podcast episode of LongShorts. This time we talk about the Finance Minister's relief measures and the regulatory package that came through the RBI MPC meeting


The world has changed a fair bit since the last time we spoke. Covid-19 and the resulting outbreak has been a wrecking ball disrupting health care, supply chains, economies, and lives worldwide! There is a global lockdown with governments, central banks, and healthcare systems struggling to make sense of rising uncertainty enveloping us. India looks into the abyss of a recession.   


We, like most people, are working from home, which makes it an ideal opportunity to shoot a podcast and talk to you all. Listen in as we do a run through of recent economic policy announcements in the aftermath of this unprecedented crisis, in addition to other topical issues like the importance and constraints of testing, challenges faced by financial and job markets, and more. 



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