Which Commodity Fell Below $0 for the First Time, Where did COVID-19 Come From?

Editor, Transfin
Apr 22, 2020 4:53 AM 3 min play

Two things dominated the world of Business and Finance in the past seven days. One, the coronavirus pandemic's continuing spread and effects. And two, the turmoil in oil markets. COVID-19 we are already familiar with, having read and Quizzed about it (and lived through it) for weeks now. The second has been a long time coming, but erupted over the past few days when WTI crude oil futures traded in negative terrain for the first time ever.


For this week's Quiz Knock, we touch upon many topics. Two of them, as mentioned above, are the pandemic and the oil turmoil. We also Quiz on certain policies of the Government and the RBI, macroeconomic indices of certain large countries, new trends in the worlds of ecommerce and tech, and news of what one of the world's biggest business conglomerates has been up to.


Here's a sneak peek:

  1. This week, India made prior Government approval mandatory for foreign direct investments (FDI) from countries that share a land border with India. Previously, only investments from two countries faced such restrictions. Which were they?
  2. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has said the recent 25 basis points cut in _______ is to “encourage banks to deploy surplus funds in investments and loans in productive sectors of the economy”.
  3. Nearly 90% of the total excise duty the Indian Government generates comes from which industry?
  4. Which of the following commodities recently fell below $0 for the first time?
  5. Which of the following ecommerce platforms is redesigning its website to sell fewer items?
  6.  Which Indian company is planning to raise nearly $1bn for its European operations and is in talks with at least half a dozen banks for the same?
  7. Which country recently unveiled plans to make tech giants Google and Facebook pay for news content?
  8. Brent crude oil, the major global oil futures benchmark, refers to oil extracted from where?
  9. The economy of _______ shrank 6.8% in the first three months of this year compared with a year ago, on back of the coronavirus pandemic. This was the country's first economic contraction in over four decades.
  10. The scientific consensus is that COVID-19 originated in bats before crossing over to humans in Wuhan, China. But it didn't do so directly - it is expected to have jumped the species barrier via which intermediate animal?


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