Where is Franklin Templeton Investments' Headquarters, Which is the Only Country with a Mandatory CSR Law?

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Apr 29, 2020 9:13 AM 3 min play

What a week it's been! (We know it's only Wednesday but it still seems like a week has already passed by and anyway you'd have probably understood that reference if you're a 30 Rock fan!)


First there was the big (and frightening) news from Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds and then the big (and major) news from Jio Platforms, which has landed a major investment from none other than Facebook. Meanwhile, the crude oil crisis has continued to ripple through the global economy, ICICI revealed exposure to a bankruptcy-hit oil trader and big countries passed big stimulus packages to support their big economies amidst this big pandemic. (Can we go back to the days when every breaking news headline wasn't about global catastrophe already?).


We've also added some eccentric questions as usual - including ones on CSR law and some trivia on tech history!


Here's what awaits you:

  1. Which is the only country in the world to have passed a mandatory CSR law?
  2. Jio Platforms has announced that _______ has made a $5.7b investment in it, thereby becoming its biggest minority shareholder with a 10% stake.
  3. Maruti Suzuki has received an official nod to restart operations at its plant in _______.
  4. What is the name of the new video chatting feature launched by Facebook, modelled along the lines of Zoom and Houseparty?
  5. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has decided to shut six of its open-ended debt funds, effective April 23rd, citing lack of liquidity in the debt market. Franklin Templeton Investments is headquartered in:
  6. Which country recently passed a $450bn deal, a large portion of which injects cash into small business loans?
  7. X is an oil company that ICICI Bank had reportedly lent $100m to. X recently filed for bankruptcy protection, leading to ICICI revealing its exposure and sending the lender's stock price down. Identify X.
  8. Which of these can be defined as the reserve requirement that commercial banks are required to maintain in the form of cash, gold reserves and securities before providing credit to the customers?
  9. The cost of doing what jumped from $25,000 a day to almost $300,000 a day over the past week?
  10. This is an early version of which popular software, released for the first time in 1983?
This is an early version of which popular software, released for the first time in 1983?
This is an early version of which popular software, released for the first time in 1983?



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